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Fabrika + Sonja Blum: a Dreamland in the Heart of Athens


Meandering down the seemingly nondescript Veikou street, one can see why the neighborhood of Koukaki is considered a creative hub. At a closer glance, Veikou street is lined with local boutiques, quirky cafes, eccentric workspaces, and an eclectic mix of eateries. This is the lively neighborhood is where Evrydiki and Sophia have chosen to house their unique workshop, where they bring the dreams of little boys and girls — and not so little boys and girls — to life.


Evridiki and Sophia are two local artists who share the sunlit workshop and retail gallery named “Fabrika + Sonja Blum.”  Fabrika is the working of Evrydiki’s magic: she specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery focused on tasteful, minimal aesthetics. Meanwhile,  Sonja Blum is Sophia’s alter ego, a fiber artist playfully giving life to fabrics as eco-friendly kidswear, soft toys and dolls.

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

The two artists are fans of spreading the love —  in their shop you can also purchase totally original works by other local designers and artists. Step into the workshop and get lost in a colorful world of knick knacks. Shop toys, postcards, buttons, notebooks, tableware, stuffed animals, pillows, prints, and many more artisanal novelty gifts.

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

Photo Credits: tumblr.com

We are incredibly proud to announce that Fabrika + Sonja Blum is the first of dozens of local businesses now collaborating with Heloni as part of our Helocal initiative. Fabrika + Sonja Blum, alongside more Athenian creatives, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs, is offering exclusive discounts to Heloni guests. Already staying with us? Ask your Heloni hosts how to take advantage of unique offers, and get back to your loved ones with a suitcase full of souvenirs that spark the imagination!

Haven’t quite made it to Athens yet? Shop Fabrika + Sonja Blum by clicking below: