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Stories are about creating human connection. They are about listening, learning and growing into more understanding and accepting human beings. Experiencing and growing on a personal level, helps us realize our true potential. And the first step to discovery is out there! Travel, breathe in the fresh air of newness along with the excitement of adventure at your doorstep.

Our apartments give you the safety to seek in a new place, the security you would want and comfort, so you can focus on the more important stuff.

Athens is a city built on stories, myths and legends. We’re here to help you write your own Greek tale, connecting you to the city’s best secret spots, hippest happenings and overall going ons, plus special tips for making the best out of Athens!

Beautiful Beaches Ferry Free (Part I)

No matter the size of your beach bag, the brand or the ball you’re carrying, we have a selection for all sizes, ages, and purses. From the shimmer and the fancy restaurants to the turquoise waters overlooked by rocky landscapes, read on to find which beaches we recommend! Don’t miss your chance to discover the Grecian coastline of the Athenian Riviera during your stay in Athens!

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Masks and Kites

In ancient Greece, Dionysus, the God of Wine was honored in early Spring symbolizing rebirth after winter. Leaping dances and disguise patterns were custom to keep away harmful spirits. Paired with the freedom of enjoying anonymity through masks, today Apokries marks a comic celebration of fun and food that ends on Ash Monday as people head for the countryside to fly kites. Find out what you can do this March to experience Athens in the most local way possible!

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KOUKAKI | The New Place To Be in Athens

The neighborhood is known for its tendency to respect and preserve the old but also welcome new forms of inspiration and aspirations. The almost village-like district is known for the best hang outs of the city and its special stores and an overall day and night time vibrancy as well as a number of culinary and cultural gems. Discover just a few unusual and great places you that you must not miss when you are there.

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Looking For A Contemporary Art Museum in Athens?

Holding down a definition to what contemporary art actually is may be messy topic even between scholars who have spent their life studying art. No matter how it is actually defined it is art with a modern gist of expression. Athens may have numerous museums but contemporary elements always have a note of surprise, a fascinating contradicting love story between material and message and somewhat utopian explanations that keep you on the edge of your toes like a roller coast ride.

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The Kiosk Phenomenon of Greece: "To Periptero"

The little colorful box on every street landscape, with its' fridges full of chilled lemon soda, Fix and Heineken beer, neatly stacked Ruffle and Lays Chips and aligned chocolates, nut bars, chewing gums and do not forget the lighters, pens, condoms, postcards, erotic novels, newspapers, lottery tickets and cigarettes are known as kiosks or in Greek - the Periptero. Kiosks have contributed immensely to the rhythm and character of Greek daily life, making it one special and in a way also an unbelievable practical element of Greek habits.

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4 Must Visit Squares of Athens

We not only urge our guests to take a stroll to the following landmarks, but we suggest them to all visitors coming to Greece for a more authentic appreciation of Athenian neighborhoods. Each "platia" has its own charming personality and each one brings together one of the many sides of Athens.  

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4 Unusual Urban Transformations Found in Athens

Time will always bring change and new ideas, new needs and new aspirations will always come with it. Transforming and re adapting a room, a building or an urban space is an endless journey of discovery and rediscovery whether it is for the user, the neighbor, the designer, the politician or the developer. Here are just a couple of the many re-use projects of the city of Athens which have attracted our attention. We hope they will attract yours too.

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The Laiki: Freshness: The Colorful Greek Farmer's Market

The Laiki or ‘laiki agora’ in Greece is where you go when you’re looking for the farmers market. There, you find not only the most juicy, tasty and and healthy produce of the week but everything from nuts, wine, underwear, handbags, toys and blankets. But, the Laiki is more than that. It has a ring of unity to it, a commonplace for the ladies of the neighborhood to meet and gossip, a sense of belonging. Find out where you can get your fresh fruit and veggies!

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The Twins: Apollo and Artemis

From the gods of Greek Mythology to the Athenian city center where you can spend your time on a comfortable lounge chair, enjoying lemonade or margaritas on a very spacious terrace overlooking the city lights and the illuminated Acropolis straight ahead. Find out more about the twins, Apollo and Artemis, from history to heloni :-)

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How Cool Are You? 10 Cool Things to Do in Athens.

We have listed 10 things which we think offer interesting and local experiences, some are unusual, some are hotspots, some are special in their own sense, but we are hoping each of these will create an unforgettable memory for you to take back home. So if the Acropolis, the Museums and the walking tours no longer float your boat, check out this out of the ordinary itinerary where you can experience something truly special and truly Greek.

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The Story of Koulouri

It is Greece’s best breakfast on the go. A circular piece of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds - The Koulouri. You might have seen them in one of the numerous stands selling them in the city center of Athens. Although there are many different vendors selling them on the streets, they actually all come from the same supplier. The Koulouri of Psirri is the start of this all. This is their story.

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